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Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment

Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment I want to help people in any way I can by supplying information for their environment, health, and spiritual walk. Please introduce yourself to me and give me your ideas on the topics I have on here, let’s talk!! This will be about how to create a green environment from my views and others. We are laying the foundation for a healthier way of life. First starting out with how God intended for us to be be … Read More

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City Matters Magazine Arriving Soon

Latest Edition of City Matters Magazine Arriving Soon Residents can expect to find the newest copy of City Matters in their mailboxes during the next few weeks. The publication is produced by the City of Grande Prairie to help keep residents and visitors informed about City initiatives and issues. A copy can also be viewed online by clicking here or here for mobile users. … Read Morevia the Grande Prairie Neighbor … Read More

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Dogs Chase Vandals in Wembley

Wednesday night two unidentified 16 year old males were vandalizing private property at 1 a.m. in the West end of Wembley. Two pure bred border collies chased them to a crowd of 3 others at Sunset Park Campground stopping a break in and right into waiting R.C.M.P. The R.C.M.P told the owner of the dogs that they can't do anything unless they catch the kids in the act. As the officer was speaking to the owner (who wishes to remain anonymous), one … Read More

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Melaleuca Melaleuca ( /ˌmɛləˈljuːkə/) is a genus of plants in the myrtle family Myrtaceae known for its natural soothing and cleansing properties. There are well over 200 recognised species, most of which are endemic to Australia.[2] A few species occur in Malesia and 7 species are endemic to New Caledonia.[2][3] The species are shrubs and trees growing (depending on species) to 2 … Read More

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