How to Putt Like a Pro

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How to Putt Like a Pro

How to Putt Like a Pro
Putting makes up about 35-40% of your final score. If you usually shoot around 90, you likely average 34-36 putts a game. A Golf Pro on the P.G.A. usually takes 26-30 putts a round. To improve your putting, try this : Line up some coins in the form of a 4 inch wide pathway straight to the hole, 2ft. from the hole. You are putting through a 2 ft. long “tunnel”, so to speak. Now, try and sink 9/10 putts from 2 ft. through this coin pathway, but, don’t touch any. That is your goal – do not touch the coins. You’ll soon find yourself sinking all of these putts on the practice green, and on the course too, building your confidence, and lowering your scores.