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Recycling 101 – Small Steps for a Smaller Impact on the Planet

by S. Vazquez, Melaleuca LIA Magazine

Recycling Logo

Every Day at Melaleuca is Earth Day! You’ve seen the symbol everywhere: at the office, at school, at the store, at home, and on many of the products you use every day. There’s even one on this very page: three chasing arrows that form a triangle—the internationally recognized symbol for recycling.

When you see this symbol, you might ask yourself, “What can actually be recycled and how?” Or, even before that, “Why should I recycle? Why bother?”

The why is quite simple: Recycling is one of the ways that you, as a consumer, can help preserve the environment for yourself, your family and future generations. When you recycle, you help reduce the amount of natural resources that are consumed for every new product. You also help reduce the air and water pollution associated with their manufacturing. Recycling promotes a healthier environment, and a better place for you and your family—for everybody.

The what and how are a little trickier. The apparently endless information about recycling may seem overwhelming. Product A is accepted, Product B is not, and Product C is accepted as long as you remove the cap while running three times around the blue bin singing “Livin’ la Vida Loca”—all two minutes before midnight, of course.

In fact, since recycling programs and services vary from community to community, what and how a product can be recycled depends on where you live. There are, however, small, basic steps you can take to recycle at home and thus lessen your impact on the planet. But first, it’s important to know the place recycling has in the big picture—a concept to help preserve natural resources known as the three R’s:

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