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New direction for addiction and mental health system
Faster access and better integrated services for Albertans

Edmonton… A comprehensive new Alberta government strategy will help reduce addiction and mental illness in the province. Creating Connections: Alberta’s Addiction and Mental Health Strategy will create a more seamless system to ensure the best quality assessment, treatment and support services are available to Albertans where and when they need them.

“Albertans need faster and better access to addiction and mental health services,” said Gene Zwozdesky, Minister of Health and Wellness. “This new strategy will build on a solid foundation to create an even stronger addiction and mental health system. Better coordination and integration of services will be its cornerstone. Our 5-Year Health Action Plan is focused on improving access and this new strategy is an integral piece of that plan.”

“Alberta’s Addiction and Mental Health Strategy is absolutely a step in the right direction,” said Michel Perron, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. “This strategy represents new ways of thinking and working together to deliver practical and tangible results. It is a new way for Alberta to reduce the impacts and harms associated with substance abuse.”

The strategy has 5 key directions:

  • build healthy and resilient communities by focusing on health promotion and illness prevention and improving access to primary health care;
  • foster the development of healthy children, youth and families by improving access to a full continuum of services;
  • enhance community-based services, capacity and supports, including addressing housing and rural capacity, to provide Albertans quality care where and when they need it;
  • address complex needs so that Albertans requiring specialized or coordinated care have access to a full range of appropriate addiction and mental health services and supports; and,
  • enhance assurance in the system by developing appropriate oversight policies, structures and initiatives so Albertans can be confident in service quality and client safety.

“This strategy sets the direction for addiction and mental health for the next five years. It builds on work already underway to strengthen our service delivery system and to increase emphasis on mental health promotion and illness prevention,” said Dr. Chris Eagle, AHS CEO and President. “A key strength of the strategy is a collective commitment to work together across government ministries, AHS and community groups to improve access to services and build strong community supports around people.”

Some programs and services supporting the strategy are already underway throughout the province. They include adult depression program pilots in primary care networks, Aboriginal youth suicide prevention programs, discharge planning for the homeless, inner city and rural police crisis teams, telehealth psychiatric services, access standards for children’s mental health services, and many alcohol and drug reduction programs in schools, communities and workplaces.

“Today, there’s a great window of opportunity to transform the system of mental healthcare right across Canada,” said Louise Bradley, President and CEO of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. “For the first time, governments and territories are putting mental health at the top of their agendas, and mental health issues are being discussed openly in our schools, offices, and homes. There’s also a real eagerness to share knowledge and to create caring societies where people living with mental illness have the opportunity to recover and lead fulfilling lives. The Commission commends the Alberta government for stepping up to the plate and addressing mental illness and addiction full-on.”

The development of the strategy was co-led by Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Health Services. It involved 16 Government of Alberta ministries because there was a recognition that many people with addiction and mental health issues are served by many government departments.

The cross-ministry initiative engaged key stakeholders in the addiction and mental health fields in Alberta, including health care professionals, family and consumer representatives, people with lived experiences in addiction and/or mental illness, and a panel of addiction and mental health experts from across Canada.

The strategy is accompanied by the Alberta Addiction and Mental Health 2011-2016 Action Plan that lays out the roles, actions, expected results and performance measures for all ministries, sectors and community-based organizations involved. Supporting Albertans with addiction and mental health issues is an important part of Alberta’s 5-Year Health Action Plan.

To view the Strategy and Action Plan visit: http://www.health.alberta.ca/

Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment

Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment Melaleuca Products Work for the Environment I want to help people in any way I can by supplying information for their environment, health, and spiritual walk. Please introduce yourself to me and give me your ideas on the topics I have on here, let’s talk!! This will be about how to create a green environment from my views and others. We are laying the foundation for a healthier way of life. First starting out with how God intended for us to be be … Read More

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Liberal NDP Merger ?

Liberal strategy meetings continue in Ottawa

Bob Ray

Liberal Leader Bob Rae delivers a speech during the Liberal Summer Caucus on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Updated: Tue Aug. 30 2011 05:02:08

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Federal Liberals meet again Tuesday to plot strategy for the new session of Parliament — but a possible merger with the NDP continues to take over conversations.

A number of Liberals, including Justin Trudeau and Denis Coderre, say the idea should at least be discussed.

Coderre says it’s something both parties need to examine.

He says mourners he spoke to at Jack Layton’s funeral seemed to espouse the same values as Liberals and are all hungering for an alternative to the Harper government.

But Trudeau, like many others, says he’s not yet convinced a merger with the Official Opposition is the best option for his once mighty party.

Interim leader Bob Rae and other current and former MPs say a merger is not in the cards.

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County holds 3rd annual recreation and culture volunteer appreciation celebration.

County holds 3rd annual recreation and culture volunteer appreciation celebration. County holds 3rd annual recreation and culture volunteer appreciation celebration. Over 100 volunteers representing cultural, recreation and sports organizations were recognized for their contributions to the quality of life of County residents at an appreciation dinner held on Thursday, August 25 at the TEC Centre. [caption id=”” align=”alignright” width=”235″ caption=”Everett McDonald, Reeve Division 1 RR#1, Site 4, Box 5 Grande Prairie, AB T8V … Read More

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Solar Highways: This may solve some energy problems


Solar Highways (An absolutely ‘MUST SEE’)
Now this is really “out of the box thinking”.
Talk about an interesting idea!
Fascinating concept!
What do you want to bet that the oil companies shoot this down?




Thursday, August 25 at 4:00pm – August 27 at 1:00pm
#44 Sandy Ridge Estates- Fulcher Home
Created By
Rebecca Fulcher
More Info
Lots of Baby Items/furniture. Highchairs, swings, bouncy chairs, exersaucer, stroller, bassinet etc. Very good quality baby clothing.
Home Decor. Toys/Games. Antiques. Framed Prints. Wardrobe. Dresser. Bookshelf. Rocker/Recliner. Framed Movie Posters. Bike Trailer. Pictures.Collectors prints and plates. Norman Rockwell (Rediscovered Women). African Items that we brought home from Ethiopia and Kenya
Thanks to our generous friends at Party HQ we will be selling cotton candy and hot dogs all 3 days as well! So come for a snack or supper and say Hi even if you aren’t into garage sales!!

Thursday Aug. 25 4-8pm. Friday Aug. 26 1-7pm. Sat Aug 27 9am-1pm.
Directions: 2Km East of GP on 68th Ave. We will have signs starting at Resources Road. Go East on 68th past Country Side South. In 2 min you will see the city limit sign. Then on the left a sign that says Sandy Ridge Estates. Turn left off hwy. Take first left in subdivision. Follow signs to #44.

City Matters Magazine Arriving Soon

Latest Edition of City Matters Magazine Arriving Soon Residents can expect to find the newest copy of City Matters in their mailboxes during the next few weeks. The publication is produced by the City of Grande Prairie to help keep residents and visitors informed about City initiatives and issues. A copy can also be viewed online by clicking here or here for mobile users. … Read More

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What is the Best Pet Food? by Dr. Andrew Jones DVM

I get bombarded by questions about pet food.

So what is the best one to feed?

Raw vs Dry vs Home Made ??????

Here is a common Pet Food Myth…The Pet Food is fine as long as it has an accredited label on the bag- It has been tested by an “authority”

You all know what I think about authorities.

My first rule is to question them and look into their claims.

AAFCO certifies Pet Food in the U.S.

This is what can be found on the label: “Our pet foods are made following AAFCO guidelines and must pass stringent testing.”

This sounds good, until we take a close look at the AAFCO test guidelines.

“The Testing Protocols For Providing An Unqualified Representation of Nutritional Adequacy For A Dog Or Cat Food” are..

* 8 dogs older than 1 yr. must start the test.
* At start all dogs must be normal weight & health.
* A blood test is to be taken from each dog at the start and finish of the test.
* For 6 months, the dogs used must only eat the food being tested.
* The dogs finishing the test must not lose more than 15% of their body weight.
* During the test, none of the dogs used are to die or be removed because of nutritional causes.
* 6 of the 8 dogs starting must finish the test.

That’s all there is to it.

Buyer beware . . . you may be buying a pet food advertised as being a nutritionally adequate diet for all dogs because it passed “stringent” AAFCO testing … when only six to eight dogs ate that food for 6 months and survived with no more than an “acceptable” 15% loss of body weight.


P.S. So what do I think about AAFCO certification?

To claim it is “nutritionally adequate” with only 6 dogs eating the food is clearly not much of a study- not scientifically valid, and NOT adequate in my opinion.

I doubt many of you are feeding your pet food based on AAFCO claims.

This has almost more to do with marketing.

Here is something that has been fed nearly 30,000 times- with now nearly 1000 positive testimonials.

And you can get a bottle for 50% OFF

The Dog Supplement

Heal your pet at home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational
purposes only and is not intended to replace the
advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones
resigned from the College of Veterinarians of
B.C. effective December 1 2010, meaning he
cannot answer specific questions about your
pet’s medical issues or make specific medical
recommendations for your pet.

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Tito’s Restaurant and Wannawafel Recommended for Multiplex

Tito’s Restaurant and Wannawafel Recommended for Multiplex Tito’s Restaurant and Wannawafel Recommended for Multiplex Three food court kiosks at the Multiplex have been assigned. Tito’s Restaurant will occupy two spots with Wannawafel being the other successful vendor. “Both will provide a unique cuisine flair in addition to our previous vendors Jugo Juice and Second Cup, filling out a nice selection for food services,” says Multiplex Marketing Co-ordinator Cheryl McKenzie, who presented the tenants at t … Read More

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homemade cola syrup

homemade cola syrup I came across this recipe for homemade cola syrup in the New York Times, and I was intrigued. It’s adapted from the Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain I keep reading about. I adore ice cream sodas and the idea of the old fashioned soda fountain. I wouldn’t mind a new career as a full time soda jerk. Until we find a way to make that happen in Olympia, I will play around with homemade syrups and bump up bottling my own sodas on the agenda. This lis … Read More

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