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Thunder and Horses

LIL' Acres Equestrian Center and Training Facility operating at Kleskin Springs

LIL' Acres Equestrian Center and Training Facility operating at Kleskin Springs

Thunder and Horses

Last night, we had a horrific flash thunderstorm at Kleskun Springs.  It lighted up the country sky with brilliant electrical displays and shattered the silence with loud cracking thunder.

There was one extreme electrical display, covering the entire sky and about a second later a tremendous explosion went off, which seemed like it happened immediately above the house.  Off course I was startled and thought that would be my only experience with this horrific loud blast, however that was only the beginning.

About an hour later the storm had complete its drive by campaign and Shane Riddiough had come home.  When coming home late at night it is his routine to check up on the horses.  This proves to be a very good tip to any horse person out there, you never know when a fence can go down or horse decides to go through it.

It seems that the blast of thunder startled the horses enough to take the “bomb-proofing” out of any four-legged creature and most two-legged also.  Apparently, they decided the electricity in the sky was much more fearful than the measly few volts surrounding them in a thin wire and apparently the horses went right through the fence.  It is very fortunate, Susan Dutton of LIL’ Acres Equestrian Center and Training Facility operating at Kleskin springs,  does not believe in barbwire fences.

Shane immediately called me for assistance as I had just finished the first bite of my late supper.  I immediately went to help him.  This was 11:30 pm.  My second bite, of my now micro waved reheated dinner, was at 1:30 am.

Moral of the story, do not eat your dinner so damn late.

Horse tip – If you choose to enclose an animal, either in a pasture, paddock or prison, it is your responsibility to ensure their well being.  Shane showed tremendous fortitude and character, chasing down 8 horses with only the aid of a full moon, which was brilliant.  Nature takes and natures gives, in equal amounts

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