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SmartJava’s version of a Black Bean & Cheese Burrito

I tweaked this recipe originally from Prevention Magazine

1 8-inch flour tortilla
1/2 C black beans
1 oz low fat cheddar
3 tbsp diced tomato
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 tbsp salsa (I prefer chunky, hot salsa)
Dash or 2 of Tobasco Chipotle Pepper sauce (opt.)
Contents of SereniGy Fruit & Veggie Capsule

Mix all ingredients together.
Wrap tortilla shell in wax paper and warm for 10-15 seconds in microwave.
Roll beans, cheese, tomato, cilantro and salsa in tortilla.


Oilsands, is it Ok to Break the Law to Change the Law?

The oil sands supply a huge part of our global energy needs.

Do you agree with the commentators view point this video?

Do you think the protestors could just as easily turn some of their own lights out, drive less and use their energy to promote alternate energy needs? (pun-intended)

Anonymous – Operation Green Rights – Tarmageddon Phase Two

Flouride Controversy Continues in Grande Prairie

Flouride is in the Grande Prairie Water Supply forcing people to ingest it every time they drink or use it. Even pets are having this chemical forced on them.

The Food and Nutrition Board recommends that public water supplies be fluoridated when natural fluoride levels are significantly below 0.7 mg per liter.

The accepted concentration of fluoride in drinking water is 1 ppm. Concentrations over 2 ppm begin to be a health risk.

Dr. Takeki Tsutsui and co-workers of the Nippon Dental College in Japan showed that fluoride not only caused genetic damage but was also capable of transforming normal cells into cancer cells.

In one report, the US Government investigated 156 cancer deaths over 3 years. They concluded that fluoride accumulates in body tissues and may eventually cause cancer and/or other fatal illnesses.

Aluminum fluoride and Alzheimer’s Disease
Many municipal water supplies are treated with both alum (aluminum sulfate) and fluoride. These two chemicals combine with each other easily in the blood to form aluminum fluoride. Although elemental aluminum can not pass the blood-brain barrier, some compounds such as aluminum fluoride do. Aluminum fluoride is very poorly excreted in the urine. It is poisonous to the kidneys. Aluminum salts in the brain lead to Alzheimer’s Disease


Flood Information from AHS

Flood Information from AHS – County of GP

Below is a list of documents provided by Alberta Health Services to provide information to resident’s who have been affected by the recent flooding.

Cistern Cleaning & Disinfection
Water in a cistern may not necessarily be clean and potable. Hauled water may already be contaminated and even if the water has been treated, it can deteriorate during storage. Over time, the loss of chlorine residual can lead to microbial re-growth; sediments/sludge can accumulate in the cistern or animals or insects can fall in.

Cleaning the House After a Flood
Because floodwaters carry disease germs from raw sewage, the only safe flood-exposed foods are those sealed in metal cans. These may be safe to use if the seal is undamaged and the outside of the container is properly cleaned and sanitized. Damaged or blown (bulged) cans should be discarded.

Disinfecting Private Water Supplies After Flooding
Avoid drinking untreated well water that have become flooded, or if contamination is suspected. Private wells that have been affected by flooding or heavy rains must be disinfected and tested after flood waters recede before they are considered safe for using.

FAQ’s About Water Well Testing
Frequently Asked Questions About Well Water Testing.

Flood Water Precautions
Flood waters may contain a number of risks that may affect your health. Some concerns with flood water include:

Shock Chlorination for Contaminated Wells
This shock chlorination procedure is designed for disinfecting groundwater wells that have been tested positive for E. coli or fecal coliform. For disinfecting wells to control iron or sulfur bacteria, please contact your Environmental Health Officer or Public Health Inspector.

Use Precautions When Cleaning Flooded Homes
Recent heavy rains in central Alberta have resulted in basement flooding, prompting Alberta Health Services to advise residents of proper techniques for flood cleanup.

County of Grande Prairie

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