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Zombie Walk Grande Prairie!!!!

Zombie Walk Grande Prairie!!!!

Rumor has it Grande Prairie is having a Zombie Walk !

Saturday, September 3 · 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Get Invited !!!

Welcome all you Zombie-lovin’ freaks!!!!

It’s time for Grande Prairie to join in the fun, scare some innocent people, and help the food bank!!

We will convene at Muskoseepi Park, by the amphitheatre, and leg-drag our way East through Downtown, then wail our way back down to the park! We will accept every kind of Zombie! Just remember, “If you look like you’re alive, you’re doing it wrong.” All ages invited!! Even ankle biters are welcome to dine on a pedestrian or two.

Any style zombie, every level of decay!! Have fun, and bring a lot of fake blood!! Costumes, every day clothes, or ballgowns!! Whatever you’d have the need to destroy.

Please bring at least one non-perishable food item with you…and we’ll do a little good, too. Will add to this event as it unfolds!! STAY TUNED!!!!!

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What the Hell is a Zombie Walk?

Get ready Grande Prairie the Zombies are coming!!!

Zombie Walk

zombie walk (also known as a zombie march or zombie lurch) is an organized public gathering of two or more people who dress up in zombiecostumes. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat orderly fashion and often limping their way towards a local cemetery or other public space.

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the Neighbor of the Day Tina

the Neighbor of the Day Tina

Tina Chase MB3K PhotographyMB3K Photography – Tina Chase

Model Bookings

Model Bookings
Created On: 07/19/2011 17:43:28
A striving model came up to me and said, “What am I doing wrong?!, I’m not getting booked.” My response was, “Ive been through modelling schools gallore and I don’t get booked either. Without exposure, we are unknown”. In that thought alone, I asked myself the usual who, what, where, when and why questions. Who can we model for, what kinds of pictures do we include in the “look book”. Where do we go for auditions or test pictures, and so on. I failed to mention to the striving model the we are “in grande prairie” and fashion events in these parts are scarce.
Anyone want to help us change that.??
Email me at 100 Mile Mall or IM me.

New Contributor Kristy Hedin

New Contributor Kristy Hedin

kristy lane hedin
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Created On: 07/18/2011 13:09:02
As a new reporter for the 100 mile mall and Grande Prairie Neighbour (arts and entertainment section). I have been honored and blessed to write about the very topic I lose sleep about. I have had an outlet to share before, hence facebook. Although nothing compares to the 100 mile mall capability. I am very stoked to become apart of it all. WATCH OUT GRANDE PRAIRIE! My column could be about YOU!

Lack of Originality

Created On: 07/19/2011 17:38:26
The difficulty with fashion or being stylish these days is lack of originality. I have a few tips to share, on how to make your look more “original”. Value village and/or thrift stores help a TON. Visit your local stores and hunt. Most if not all thrift stores carry “new” clothes as well. Winners is a good store to shop in cause the clothing is not used. Take these moments to find truly unique clothes to you. Mix styles up a bit. Add a scarf, hat or even a funky belt. Do not go with the trends, stay unique!


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