An Incredible Journey

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An Incredible Journey Comment Page
Update your Neighbor….Post your Incredible Journey Newsflash now!!
“A newsflash is something news worthy you can say in 100 words or less.”
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Not everyone can build their own boat and travel the world, like Ben Gray did, however you may have your own vision of what An Incredible Journey would look like for yourself. For some it mat be the local beach, for others a ship cruise and yet others a trail ride with your favorite horse.  What ever it may be, submit your Comments, in the form below and the most original will win a personally signed autograph copy of the book  An Incredible Journey – The Idelwild Expedition.

If you where to take your own Incredible Journey where would you go?
Who would come with you?
How long would your voyage be? 

Feel free to add any other details.

Post your Incredible Journey newsflash below.


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