“Welcome back to your Neighborhood, neighbor !!”

The Grande Prairie Neighbor


There is not enough traffic to local vendors and news sites, due to journalists hierarchy of news reporting.

The pyramid of news predictably ends at the head of government.

  • We, turn the pyramid of news upside down, so that the primary postings are to local news and the town hall meeting.
  • We cover all the neighborhood news that others do not want too.

The Grande Prairie Neighbor is a “minute by minute” online news source, specializing in “the lifestyle of local residents and business”, posting helpful hints and information for their fellow neighbors. Neighbors may also post their own comments and concerns,  

100 Mile Mall and all it functionality are fully integrated into this site.  Businesses can connect with the residents and residents can connect with each other.  They can share what is happening in their LOCAL area, immediately. This is why we like to say,  “LOCAL LIFESTYLE NEWS, MINUTE BY MINUTE.”

Subscribe to this website and you can get the latest newsflash immediately by email. You will also be able to receive the latest deal or offer in your neighborhood, hassle free.

Ensure you also register for www.100milemall.com, also.  You will get an entirely free social profile, which allows you many privileges and features.

What is 100 Mile Mall?

 100 Mile Mall is a social community for folks that enjoy buying local products and services, plus a large number of tools to help connect local shops with the community. Shop local and enjoy yourself, while meeting others who enjoy it too. 

Register for Free Membership now.

  • Neighbor Newsflash supports local vendors with targeted neighborhood and local advertising.
  • Locally-targeted ads deliver stronger return on investment.
  • Helping to keep neighborhood programs and events alive,


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