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City Council Highlights – September 19, 2011

Public Hearing of Municipal Development Plan Bylaw

A public hearing on the proposed amendment to Municipal Development Plan was conducted. The document states Council’s intention to adopt Outline Plans as statutory plans so that future development is in accordance with plans previously approved by council. Council gave Bylaw C-1237A second and thir


Third Reading of Traffic Bylaw

Council gave Bylaw C-1166C to amend the Traffic Bylaw third reading. Bylaw C-1166C proposes that a recreational vehicle or travel trailer can be parked on the road in a residential district only in a location completely adjoining the homeowner’s residence, for no more than 48 consecutive hours – and only between April 1 and October 31. Recreational vehicles may not be parked on the roads within a cul-de-sac.

Transportation Master Plan (2009) Approved

Council approved the Transportation Master Plan (2009). It outlines needed expansion of transportation infrastructure in the City. The long-term road network recommended by the TMP is largely consistent with the existing Municipal Development Plan and Intermunicipal Development Plan.  The TMP has also taken into considerations alternative transportation modes. It has recommended several measures to improve pedestrian circulation, encourage cycling and promote transit use. Recommended measures include building linkages to existing sidewalks, providing bicycle parking on public property, and creating bike lanes. Goods movements including Truck Routes and Dangerous Goods Routes were also reviewed. The TMP has determined that the existing Dangerous Goods network adequately serves existing and future industrial needs, and few new truck routes are needed as the City grows. Financial implications from the plan will be discussed during this fall’s 2012-14 Budget deliberations

Requesting National Public Transit Strategy

Council directed the Mayor to send a letter to the Government of Canada Parliament, requesting a National Transit Strategy, with copies to MP Olivia Chow and MP Chris Warkentin.

Rescinding first reading of parking fine amendment

Council rescinded first reading of Bylaw C-1166B, which proposes to change the overtime parking penalty from $25 to $50 and the early payment discounted amount is changed from $10 to $15. This amendment is due to the Government of Alberta suspending the Motor Vehicle Search Fee scheduled to come into effect this year.

Parks Funding

Council approved the allocation of the 2011 Parks Improvement Grant Funding. The grant is to be split between four projects: École St. Gerard will receive $2,000; Alexander Forbes Playground and Recreational Society, Lakeland Playground Society, and Countryside Kids Society will each receive $11,000.

Energy Procurement

Council approved the City of Grande Prairie’s participation in the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation’s energy program for the procurement of electricity and/or natural gas for the Multiplex and Westside Fire Station. The City of Grande Prairie and its Community Related Organizations are an electricity and natural gas customer of the AMSC and receive favourable wholesale energy prices.

FCSSAA Resolutions

The current Alberta Family and Community Social Services (FCSS) regulations will expire in June 2013 and a review process will begin in the near future. The current regulations do not explicitly state the principal of local autonomy. Therefore, Council approved the following resolution for presentation at the FCSS Association of Alberta Annual General Meeting:

“Be it resolved that FCSSAA, during participation in the FCSS Regulations Review, strongly encourage Child and Youth Services Ministry to explicitly state the principal of local autonomy in the regulations”

Council directed Mayor to write a letter to Children’s Youth Services requesting that the FCSSAA Review recognize the need for autonomy in regulations.

New Rendition of the National Anthem

A new version of O’ Canada was played to begin the Council meeting. It features the Grande Prairie Boys’ Choir.

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