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Alberta fulfills commitment to support 11,000 housing units

Alberta fulfills commitment to support 11,000 housing units.

Funding for 764 more homes puts province ahead of schedule
Calgary… More than 22,000 Albertans will have a place to call home, thanks to the province exceeding its goal to support 11,000 affordable housing units by 2012.

“Our government has achieved and exceeded the ambitious goal of supporting 11,000 affordable housing units by 2012,” said Premier Ed Stelmach. “Helping Albertans in need has been a top priority, and increasing the supply of affordable housing across this province is building a better Alberta for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.”

In 2007, Premier Stelmach called for the creation of a task force to recommend how to make affordable housing, both rented and owned, more available and accessible, and to have a positive impact on Alberta’s competitiveness. The target of developing 11,000 housing units was set in response to recommendations from the Alberta Affordable Housing Task Force.

With funding from previous years and the 764 housing units announced today, the number of housing units to be developed is over 11,600. In total, the province has committed approximately $1 billion to the housing units, with partners contributing an estimated $1 billion more through cost-sharing agreements. Albertans living in the units include lower-income families, seniors, individuals with special needs, and people who were homeless.

“Our cost-conscious approach with our partners—including the private sector—has saved taxpayers $1.05 billion while helping to meet the housing needs of lower-income Albertans in 62 communities,” said Jonathan Denis, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs.

The nearly $74 million in capital grants for the 764 housing units announced today will provide homes to about 1,500 Albertans in 15 housing projects in six communities when completed. The grants are through the 2011-12 Housing Capital Initiatives program, which supports housing partnerships that leverage the resources and expertise of municipalities, the federal government, non-profit organizations, local housing management bodies, and the private sector.

The remaining grant recipients of the 2011-12 Housing Capital Initiatives program will be announced in the coming months.

The Alberta government is working to build a better Alberta by fostering economic growth, strengthening our health and education systems, investing in infrastructure, supporting safe and strong communities, and ensuring a clean and healthy environment. The Housing Capital Initiatives program supports these goals.

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