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Lamb Traceability Project

Lamb Traceability Project

lambAlberta Lamb Producers share traceability project findings and technology with producers
Edmonton… Alberta’s lamb producers will be getting access to information acquired through a Lamb Traceability Project that could help them manage operations more efficiently and increase profits.

A $456,000 grant from the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) will allow Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP) to share the lessons learned in the traceability project and potential benefits of a flock management system, which utilizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.  ALP will use the funds to hire project contractors, educate producers at regional skills training sessions, finalize software development and develop communications materials. The information will lead to improved management of operations and increased profits. Other possible benefits include labour savings, improved ewe production and reduced feed costs.

“The lamb industry has long been seeking better tools to support expanding production, increase profitability and attract a new generation of producers,” said Jack Hayden, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “This project will allow producers to use RFID technology to manage their operations more efficiently.”

“The next logical step for the lamb industry is to adopt the flock management system,” said Margaret Cook, Executive Director, Alberta Lamb Producers. “Our producers understand the importance of maintaining good information and records to allow them to make informed management decisions leading to increased efficiency and profitability.”

The Lamb Traceability Project puts Alberta in a lead position in Canada for developing industry benefits from a traceability program. It is also an excellent example of how RFID technology can increase profitability.

“The lamb traceability project aligns with ALMA’s priorities of enhancing competitiveness and advancing information flow,” says Gordon Cove, ALMA President and CEO.  “This project supports growth and profitability of Alberta’s lamb industry.”

Alberta Lamb Producers, and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development partnered to develop the Lamb Traceability Project to meet regulatory requirements for traceability and provide tools for managing flocks more efficiently and profitably.

Alberta Lamb Producers is producer directed and funded, and represents the interests of Alberta sheep producers to help build a sustainable, thriving sheep industry for all stakeholders. For more information on Alberta Lamb Producers, visit www.ablamb.ca. For information on the Lamb Traceability Project, visit www.sheepcentral.ca.

ALMA contributes ideas, information and investment as it works with industry partners to achieve a sustainable, profitable and internationally respected livestock and meat industry.   For more information on ALMA, visit www.alma.alberta.ca.



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