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Uniform rules will improve efficiency for trucking industry

June 29, 2011
Uniform rules will improve efficiency for trucking industry

Edmonton… Regulations are being streamlined for large commercial vehicles travelling across the boundaries of the three westernmost provinces.

Under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, the governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan agreed to have consistent regulations and policies governing the operation of large transport trucks, without compromising safety.  Uniform rules about the size and weights of vehicles and other aspects of trucking operations will come into effect July 1, allowing trucks to operate more efficiently between provinces.

The provinces will continue to work together on future changes to ensure that, as much as possible, one set of rules will apply from the eastern border of Saskatchewan and across Alberta to the coast of British Columbia.

During consultations with the trucking industry over the last year, other opportunities for streamlining the regulations were put forward, and the provinces will now work towards achieving these changes by July 2012.

“Different standards, rules and regulations in each of our respective provinces create costly inefficiencies for shippers and, ultimately, their customers,” said Luke Ouellette, Alberta’s Minister of Transportation. “Harmonizing trucking regulations helps move people and goods more efficiently and contributes to continued economic growth and prosperity for our three provinces.”

“These changes will result in more flexibility, higher productivity and lower costs for the trucking industry while still keeping our roads safe for all travellers,” said British Columbia Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Blair Lekstrom.  “Together, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia are making it easier to do business in the west.”

“Export goods produced in western Canada are being trucked on the highways between our provinces every day,” said Saskatchewan Minister of Highways and Infrastructure Jim Reiter. “Through the New West Partnership our three provinces will now have consistent trucking regulations to allow for a more seamless flow of goods, with less red tape and lower costs for shippers, which ultimately leads to a more attractive investment climate.”

The New West Partnership Trade Agreement is a commitment among the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan to eliminate barriers to trade, labour mobility and investment.

For more information, visit the New West Partnership at: http://www.newwestpartnership.ca/

The Alberta government is working to build a better Alberta by fostering economic growth, strengthening our health and education systems, investing in infrastructure, supporting safe and strong communities and ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

-30-Backgrounder: New West Partnership

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Tammy Forbes
Alberta Transportation
To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.
Jeff Knight
Government Communications and Public Engagement
BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Doug Wakabayashi
Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure



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