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Why Grande Prairie Women are Better

Ok, what goes into the making of a great Grande Prairie woman?

Number 1

They must be able to get up early in the morning and get the work done.  No one wants a sleep-in-aholic.
The Planner in feed – where I started my morning @ 4am.

THANKS GOD, that the night shift left the boards on the “Planner in feed” last night, Or I would definitely at the very least would not have hands, when I was crawling over the chains when the Infeed chains started up,
Due to a lock out violation

Number 2

They must be brave and go where no other woman (and most men) will not dare to go.  I can hear the guys cheering now.

Those chains pull 20 foot 2×8’s, they wouldn’t have had any problems shredding a human body.I’m required to crawl over them to work in between them.

Number 3

Must know numbers and their meaning.  After all, they usually get stuck with the chore of paying the household bills.

This mornings Incident report is filled under a Level 2 – Immediately disabling loss > $100,000.00

Level 1 = Fatality, loss > $500,000.00
Level 2 = Immediately disabling, loss > $100,000.00
Level 3 = RI, loss >$10,000.00
Level 4 = First Aid loss >1,000.00


Deena 2Number Four

When you motor needs tuning,

you know she is the only person for the job.

Deena 1

"Hi How are You?' "You lookin at me?"

 Number Five

When you take her for a walk

and the boys and some girls start whistling,

she always turns around while a big beautiful smile.

 Nope! None of the Above!

Well gentleman, maybe it is because she is tough enough to punch your running lights out!


Deena 3

GO ahead I dare you!!

Soccer anyone !!!!!!!

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